Pandemic Holidaze: Lifestyle & Experiences

Jillian Barrile

Jillian Barrile | Jillian Barrile Photography

QC would not be what it is today without the work of photographer Jillian Barrile of Jillian Barrile Photography. We don’t know which stars we aligned to be so lucky as to have met Jill when we first set off on this little adventure, but we bless them every day. Jill can do it all – weddings, boudoir, portrait, and more. Visit her Link Tree to visit her online portfolio, book a consultation, or join the Boud-y Central FB group. Here’s just a little snapshot of her incredible work we’ve been so lucky to publish right here on QC. — KR

Afura Nefertiti Fareed

Afura Nefertiti Fareed | Alchemy of Affulence

Not only is Afura Nefertiti Fareed a talented photographer and videographer who we are honored to have in our QC family, but she is also a manifestation coach, tarot card consultant, and prolific podcaster. You can discover all of her online services available at her Link Tree, or read more right here on QC. — KR

Sweet Heart Pin-Up Studio

Destiny Rogowski | Sweet Heart Pin-Up Studio

Photographer and stylist Destiny Rogowski of Sweet Heart Pin-Up Studio has a super cool line of merch at her online store. You can also purchase gift certificates for future photography sessions when it is safe to co-mingle and make art. Read more about Destiny here. — KR

Abby Spindelman

Abby Spindelman | Intimacy Alive

Abby Spindelman of Intimacy Alive is offering a plethora of services to help you discover new ways to truly live your most intimate life. Check out her website for her multi-tiered online offerings and make a resolution to develop a deeper sense of intimacy in 2021, and learn more about her right here on QC. — KR

Just Buffalo Literary Center

Just Buffalo Literary Center

Tickets to Just Buffalo Literary Center’s well-lauded Babel series for the March and April installments are now available; visit the purchase page for more information or their Link Tree for other offerings from one of the city’s best non-for-profits. Read more about them here. — KR