Tuesday Tunezday | Gettin’ Sweaty!


On the first Tuesday of every month, QC will share what we’ve been jamming to lately.  This month, we’re sharing selections from QC Contributors and #METTLE Babes, an up-&-coming wellness community.  Here’s what we like to work up a sweat to.

QC Contributor & #METTLE Babe, April Eaker: Panic! At The Disco, “Roaring 20s”

I love the Panic! album. I hate cardio but running is easier when I’m listening to “Roaring 20s” or “Hey Look Ma, I Made It.”

QC Contributor & #METTLE Babe, Afura Fareed: Graeme Revell, “The Glamour”

It evokes the primal vibes of magick, yoga, and belly dance which are pretty much what I combine in my health practice. 

QC Contributor & #METTLE Babe, Ashera Buhite: The Black Dahlia Murder, “Miasma” | Girl Talk, “Night Ripper”

This album got me into running, period.  I love the quick change-ups, and as I got to know the album, I could measure distance by it. If I can hit a half mile by the time The Pixies drop (during “Hold Up,” then I know I’m keeping pace. Girl Talk is genius in general, but Night Ripper as an entire piece is flippin’ brilliance.

This album got me to run a mile in under 10 minutes. It’s one of my favorite albums ever, and I listen to it in its entirety at least twice a week. If I had to narrow it down, the two best tracks are “A Vulgar Picture” and “Dave Goes to Hollywood.” There’s something very cathartic about putting on all black and running around the cemetery to some brutal metal.

#METTLE Babe, Christine: Diplo & Steve Aoki

QC Contributor, Shannon Dawn: Cursed, Santigold, MIA

MIA and Santigold are upbeat jams for toning but for cardio, the first Cursed album will have you shreddin’!!!! The best song on that album is 1974 but I’m a fan of an album in order as a piece of work unto itself.

#METTLE Babe, Ericka: Lifting Weights to the Lithium Radio on Spotify

QC Contributor & #METTLE BABE, Beata Skonecki: Older AFI, Lady Gaga

 Older AFI is my go-to because I’m an overgrown angsty teen.

QC Contributor, Katie Cosgrove: “Jubel” by Klingande and “Wanderlust” by Every Time I Die

Wanderlust hypes me up and Jubel keeps me at a good place.

QC Contributor, Alana Fajemisin, “Redemption” by Zacari

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