TOP TEN: Aniko’s Favorite EVERYTHING

Food lies at the heart of our bodies and our culture; it is there for celebrations and sustenance. NOMaste features a local fierce foodie each month, in four weekly segments. First, an interview, then a top 10 list, followed by a recipe to share, and finally a food review. This food corner will not just feature local chefs but also restaurateurs, buyers, suppliers — any woman involved in any aspect of the food chain, from farm to food truck. Join us each week as we get to know another Foodie in the city. Part I of this month’s series can be found here.

 Aniko has given us her Top 10, with no signifier.  These are just her Top 10 favorites of…Everything! Check out each savory and delicious selection below.

Fried chicken

How can you not love one of life’s perfect foods — and honestly, everything breaded and fried is just better than the regular version. Toutant serves up a mean half fried chicken. So try some there!

Photo via Step Out Buffalo

Roasted Goose

Not just for your classic Dickensian Christmas dinner anymore — this dish can and should be enjoyed any day of the week.  You can get a goose to roast on your own at Whole Foods right here in Buffalo!

Cold Smoked/Cured Goose Breast

This should really be number one because Aniko was gushing about this treat. Which apparently cannot be found outside of Hungary — at least, not ‘the real thing’. Aniko makes her own since she can’t get it, but this is her all-time favorite food on Earth. Since you can’t find it in the States, here’s a recipe from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook to try out.

Photo by Holly A. Heyser, from

Foie Gras

Nothing says yum like a rich, buttery slab of goose or duck liver. Traditionally, one would not think of a sushi restaurant as a place serving excellent foie gras, but here in town you can find an excellent foie gras (topped with a delightful piece of dried pineapple) at Seabar Sushi.

Beef Tartare

Not a treat for the timid, but when done right, this dish is amazing. You might not think that raw ground beef and an egg, with some other magical ingredients, could be satisfying — but until you try it, you won’t know the magic of it. Marble & Rye does a great job right here in town.

Sajtos Rolo

This is a classic Hungarian treat — cheesy, cream-filled bead ‘horns’. Think of a savory, cheesy, hot cannoli (if you’re Italian) or a cheese and cream-filled croissant (if you’re French) just to give you an idea. But if you can’t quite get it, here is a picture of a beautiful plate full of them that Aniko made. You can make your own with this recipe from Leading Recipes.

Beef Carpatio (aka Beef Carpaccio)

Beef tartare’s older, more sophisticated cousin, beef carpaccio, is made of raw meat, thinly sliced, pounded, and then drizzled in lemon juice and olive oil, and salt and pepper. You can clearly see how it made the list if you were paying attention! Bacchus does a nice twist on this with an appetizer called Steak & Eggs.


Hungary’s version of a crepe, light and fluffy, large, and filled with any type of jam or filling you can think of. Perfect for brunch, so try this out next time you have people over for a late breakfast and dazzle them with something that is both exotic and familiar. Try Food and Wine’s recipe here.


A pastry Aniko loves so much, one of her dogs is named after them! Looking like a croissant-pretzel hybrid, these doughy and delicious warm rolls are perfect for any meal, no matter the time of day. You can make sweet versions or savory ones — it’s a choose-your-own-adventure kind of item. Here’s a recipe from Recipe Community to try, and a photo of Aniko’s beautiful creations to get you excited.

Gesztenyepure (Chestnut Puree)

A classic Hungarian dessert, this needs to be tasted to understand. Not overly sweet like a pie or jam, but rather nutty and subtle. This will pique the interest of the foodie in your life for its unique flavor and texture. You will just have to try it to understand it. A recipe from Visit Budapest is here to guide the way.

BONUS – Fresh Crusty Potato Bread

Because Aniko is nothing if not extra, here’s a bonus item for her list. Bread — the staff of life. Is nothing better than warm, fresh, crusty bread? Her weakness is potato bread. She makes her own (because of course she does!). Try out your hand at this classic loaf with this recipe from All Recipes.