A Farewell

We are so thankful to have been a part of the tapestry of Buffalo, NY, media these last 6 years. So many friendships and connections formed, all through the movement of conversation and art. It’s a beautiful g-d thing. The body of work that exists here is one that will be referenced and remembered for a long, long time; however, we leave it to you, dear Buffalo, to continue the story into the future — in fact, the future is already here. As for us: like all Internet crazes, we’ll live on in memes & merch. Keep stickin’ those stix — lawd knows we have plenty to go around.

Very special thanks to:


Afura Fareed

Ashera DeRosa

Lara Martini

Liz Fuhrmann

Schondra Aytch

Shannon Dawn

Tia Brown


Alana Adetola Fajemisin

Jillian Barrile

Katie Cosgrove

In-House Support Peeps

April Eaker

Mikayla Schneiter

Webmaster Extraordinaire

Marc Kreidler