Tuesday Tunezday | No. 2


On the first Tuesday of every month, QC will share what we’ve been jamming to lately.  Why?  Because music is rad and fun!  Jam on, friends.

Mikayla: “Boys (I Dated in High School)” by The Prettiots

“This one bypassed my ears and spoke directly to my bones the first time I heard it. It’s sweet and brutal and sad and the whole album makes for a good home-cleaning soundtrack. It takes you in this upbeat, frustrating, cringey, catchy narrative circle, which sounds… a lot like the boys that I dated in high school, right?”

Tia Brown: “Black Dog” by Kelli Schaefer

“Why: Opening buzzy bass always beckons my pulse to quicken. On this track, Schaefer does especially well wailing. I’m a fan of wailing when winter breaks.”

Kristy Michelle: “SOS” by Rhianna

 “I’m currently relistening to mid-2000s Rihanna, which I missed at the time they were released. There was a lot of nouveau guitar and whiny singer songwriter shit coming onto the festival circuit back then, which I was all hot on. Yes, I regret the waste of time. Should have definitely been on the Rihanna circuit, in retrospect.”

Ashera Buhite: “1977” by Ana Tijoux

 “I heard this banger on ‘Breaking Bad’ and immediately Shazam’d it.  I’m a wordsmith in English, but am definitely not a polyglot.  I looked up the English translation of her lyrics, and they’re all autobiographical.  She starts out talking about being born in the Year of the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac, which I am as well, so I loved it more for that random connection.  Basically, this song makes me feel like a bad bitch when I listen to it.”

Afura Fareed: “Dearly Beloved” by AmaLee

 “Let’s go with “Dearly Beloved” by AmaLee, because it puts enchanting lyrics to the tune of a song from the Kingdom Hearts video game that inspired so much of my artwork as a teen.”

April Eaker: “Oom Sha La La” by Hayley Heynderickx

 “I think it’s relatable and motivates me to start new things and get rid of bad habits and negative attitudes.”

Shannon Dawn: “Class Warfare” by Hot Blood

“The big singalong at the end! THEY GOT THE POWER BUT WE GOT THE NUMBERS!!”

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