Tuesday Tunezday | No. 1


It’s our inaugural First Tunezday!  On the first Tuesday of every month, QC will share what we’ve been jamming to lately.

Lara Martini: “Woman” by KE$HA

I LOVE that she just yells ‘I’m a motherfucking WOMAN!’ A dozen times, and it’s full of imperfections like the beginning when she’s not paying attention to the sound booth and when she laughs and can’t sing her line in the middle. She’s full of mistakes and beer edits then out-of-pocket leaves them, shows she’s human. And it’s about being independent and hanging with your MF LADIES!!

 Mikayla: “Jealousy” by Liz Phair

It sounds like how it feels to experience that panicked, defensive, hot-faced jealousy, right? It’s like kicking a hole in some drywall. How did she do that? 

April Eaker: “My Party” and “Sick Beat” by Kero Kero Bonito

It’s pretty light and Sarah (the lead singer) sings about pretty every day things. It reminds me to appreciate things for what they are, good or bad, and serves as a cool reminder for awesome things to come.

Tia Brown:  “Swiss Miss” by Hop Hop and “Django Jane” by Janelle Monáe

This is definitely a poignant banger. Each bar comes through slick and it’s full of beat drop mic drop beat drop mic drop repeat.

“Swiss Miss” carries the common mix of pop culture references and social awareness you’ll find in hip hop currently. On a personal level, it’s the anthem I needed in high school and Hop Hop’s delivery comes with a quick subtle Fresh Princess of Bel-Air wit.

Katie Cosgrove:  “Downtown” by Rising Appalachia and The Human Experience

I like the pop/upbeat sound to it mixed with bluegrass roots and her voice. I love bluegrass and disco music remixed to be poppy.

Shannon Dawn:  all of the Baroness and “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B

I am in on a big stoner metal kick but have been breaking it up with the motivational power of female musicians. I made a MIA Pandora station and it inundated me with Bodak Yellow to the point of no return.

Ashera Buhite: “Straight to Video” by Mindless Self Indulgence

Every now and then, I circle back to MSI in a big way for about a month.  This is one of those times.  This track has been one of my favorite songs since I was in high school.  The nihilist in me likes the bleak feeling at the end, when it goes from “you’re so amazing” to “your beauty’s fading.”  It’s super real and kinda cuts me up.