Tuesday Tunezday | Summer Jams!


It’s not the first Tuesday of the month, but it’s our first one since our lil’ summah break! Check out what we’re crushing on. <3

Tia Brown: Leo by Be Steadwell

“Even though Cancer season just blew in, I’ve been rocking Be Steadwell’s “Leo” regularly for months to keep my mane properly primped. The lyrics are really honest about the full scope of the Leo personality but also the reminder in the hook keeps me going,

ever since the day of your glorious birth
you been god’s gift to this green, green earth”

Schondra Aytch: Roll by The Internet

“I’ve slowly fallen for The Internet because they are bringing unadulterated R&B back into the mainstream. Much of their music is full of heavy strings and percussion not typical for a modern day urban group. But I love “Roll” the most because it defies everything they’ve done so far.”

Afura Fareed: Clarity by John Mayer

“In honor of the summer solstice, it always prompts me to stop overthinking and tap into the power of the present moment.”

Mikayla Schneiter: Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

When the single first dropped, it had been hyped in a serious way. It was kind of a bummer. I spent weeks whining to everyone who would listen: “Ugh I wish Taylor Swift’s new track was BETTER than it is.” Now, enough time has passed that I’m able to appreciate it for what it is (a powerfully bravado-forward song about twisted indulgence in bitterness, pettiness, and pain) rather than seeing it as just another plot on the West/Swift feud timeline that demands a comprehensive social justice analysis.

You know how, at the time, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was a wholly irredeemable symbol of everything that’s wrong with society but, years later, it has come to make a lot of sense and has become a kind of unifying, uplifting work of art? That’s what Look What You Made Me Do is for me right now.

Ashera Buhite: Erase Me by Kid Cudi

“This song just does something for me. I haven’t heard a Kid Cudi song that I don’t like, but this one breaks away from his usual stuff, but is still solidly placed in his canon. Kanye coming in midway is an excellent collab. Also, the subject matter is relatable and the lyrics well-written, so it checks off a lot of boxes for me.”

 Kristy Michelle: I see that two people mentioned Kanye in this. It’s been a glorious Season, eh!? A refresher on how the Season started.

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