Tuesday Tunezday | No. 3


On the first Tuesday of every month, QC will share what we’ve been jamming to lately.  Why?  Because music is rad and fun!  Jam on, friends.

Shannon Dawn: “Never Say Never” by Queens Of The Stone Age

“I love the attitude of this cover and have been on a QOTSA kick lately. The casual tone stands out starkly against many other songs about sex. The original made an impression on me as a kid.”

Kristy Michelle: Kanye West

“The first two “singles” Kanye just “dropped”. This is the project we needed, and deserve. And, selfishly, the album is dropping exactly 6 days after the 4-0, and it’s the only present I need this year. Praise Yeezus.”

Afura Fareed: “Never Say Never” by Kill Hannah

“I love the unique combination of ’00s pop and rock, and it’s just plain cute.”

Ashera Buhite: “Wish You Were Here” by Alpha Blondy

A Lyft driver had this on and I immediately had to know what this was all about.  I have Bob Marley lyrics tattooed on my shoulder, so it’s safe to say that I’m all about Reggae in general.  I am also a big fan of Pink Floyd, so this cover hits a pretty sweet spot for me, musically speaking.”

Jill Barrile:  “Knocking At The Door” by Arkells

“It’s a fun, high energy song that really gets me up and moving.”