Smash Talks: #SelfieQueen, with Destiny Rogowski

Destiny Rogowski

I don’t know about y’all, but I am a big fan of selfies. I make my friends take them with me pretty habitually, and my social media is a veritable scrapbook of our good times. Lots of people rag on selfies and the people who take them, citing them as vain. That seems like a pretty callous reaction to people wanting to celebrate how they look and the fun they’re having. This is especially leveled at women, where we’re expected to be attractive, but not acknowledge that.

Screw that! Owning your beauty is important. We only get one body to live in, and we experience all pleasure and pain through this vessel. You might as well feel yourself from time to time.

The thing is, taking a decent picture isn’t instinctual to everyone. It can be pretty disheartening to really be digging your look, but unable to capture your own hotness.  Luckily, pros like Destiny Rogowski are willing to help out. She had yours truly looking hot and dangerous in pin-up and boudoir photo shoots. She was kind enough to sit down with me and give us some #protips on how to take a picture that is sexy af. — Ashera Buhite

Ashera mid-stylization with Destiny at her recent Sweet Heart Pin Up Studio photoshoot.

1). Always bring your face forward.

Lean toward the camera instead of away from it.  This reduces chins by at least two.

2). Natural light is our friend.

I love using light to just mask away my flaws. That’s why car selfies are the jam — it’s six different windows of light!

3). Never be afraid to move and play.

Have fun in a photo! Being silly and not taking it seriously is the way to go, because really, what’s the worst that could happen? If you don’t like a pic, delete it.

4). Smizing.

Smiling with your eyes is everything. Anytime you can convey a confident attitude, a photo is automatically awesome.

If this doesn’t make you smize, I don’t know what will:

5). Stretch it out! Pose about it!

I bring my arms up way over my head and point my toes, elongating my entire existence. Automatically I’m like 5 inches taller and longer. Good times.

6). Laugh!

Even if it’s fake laughing and sounds crazy insane. Not only will you make others laugh by doing it, in turn you’ll actually start laughing real times, and that always looks great in pictures.

Ashera (r) with friends. #selfiegang

7). Stare ’em down.

If you wanna look crazy sexy in a photo, just hard stare that camera down like you’re a tiger about to eat a person.  It’ll feel dangerous, and danger is so sexy.

8). Feeling great = looking great.

Anytime I get ready to take pix of myself I try to just feel pretty inside and focus on the aspects of myself that I like. Feeling happy inside turns into looking pretty on the outside. Like Audrey Hepburn said, “Happy girls are the prettiest girls.”

–By Destiny Rogowski

There you have it! Now you can take a decent picture before you book a photoshoot with Destiny at Sweet Heart Pin Up Studio. Ditch the “pretty filter” on Snapchat and selfie on! <3

You can check out Destiny’s Spotify playlist here!