REVIEW: Modern Map Art Does Buffalo!

A little while ago the QC headquarters was contacted by Jennifer at Modern Map Art. She graciously offered to send us one of her beautiful, avant garde wall prints detailing an aerial view of the Buffalo city grid. We currently have the 24×36″ “Sabres Print” adorning a wall of our downtown Buffalo apartment. The prints come in six different sizes and four different styles, ranging from $29.99 – $79.99. 

We asked Jennifer a few questions to find out more about her work and Modern Map Art.

Are you from Buffalo? If not, where are you located? 

I am not from Buffalo, but I’ve been to Buffalo and I love the city.  I’m about a 4 hour drive away in Williamsport, PA

Did you specifically choose to highlight Buffalo for any particular reason?

I know that people from Buffalo are very proud of their city, whether they still live there or they move away so I was excited to give them something to remember Buffalo by.

When did you first conceive these map art prints?

I came up with the idea for these about a year ago, and have been working on them tirelessly ever since.  We have over 500 cities!

Do you sell them exclusively online?  

Yes, I sell them exclusively online right now.  We’re looking into some retail partners.

Do you have other items in your artist cache?

We also sell other things like ski maps, pillows, cell phone cases, etc. but they’re all specific to maps.

How has the reception for the item been since it was first released?

Great!  We launched in October and had a really busy Christmas season because all of these products make great gifts.

Good luck with your endeavors, Jennifer, and thank you again for the beautiful piece!!! Check out Modern Map Art online today.