Out & About: Nickel City Renegades Battle Big Bad Buffalo Troop 31055

A few weeks ago Qween City got to sit in on the most adorable Monday night EVER. The Nickel City Renegade Rollergirls invited Girl Scout Troop 31055 to join them for a practice scrimmage, and loads of other fun and games on the rink. The little girls got to learn more about roller derby and rollerskating in general, and got a — perhaps unique — chance to hang out and play with some cool “big girls.”

After a half an hour of “couples’ skate,” wherein the littles were paired with a big girl buddy, the rollergirls treated the troop to some games, including a push race (the littles had to push the bigs on skates past a finish line), and a chance to pummel all 50 lbs. of themselves into tackling dummies, held by Lana del Pain and Rachel Rayzor. The rollergirls were no match for the ferocity of wound up 10-year-olds, however!

The evening was a cacophony of wheels on wood, the shriek of whistles in the air, and that sound that emanates when a multitude of tiny people form a gaggle, a giggling, hooting mass of tiny limbs wearing tiny skates and tiny elbow pads and tiny Hello Kitty helmets and omg just the cutest Monday ever.

Tonight is the league’s home opener at New Skateland, 33 E. Ferry, 7:30 p.m. doors. It’s going to be a rambunctiously good time! Hopefully the little ones can make it out to shriek for their new buddies! — KMM