Gabby Ferguson | thexstitchxbitch

How long have you been an artisan? How did your particular skillset develop over time? 

I started teaching myself to stitch 6 years ago with some encouragement from friends. At first it was just silly stuff, inside jokes, swear words, and vulgar messages but, it quickly became clear that I was meant to do this. Over the years I’ve had a lot of fun learning and developing my personal style and voice. 

Please describe your work / product.

I’m a self-taught fiber artist who designs and hand stitches pieces inspired by media, sex and politics. A little bit of feminist rage, a little bit of vulgarity and a whole lotta pretty. I’m currently branching out into stickers, pins and one-of-a-kind upcycled embroidered clothing.

Who are some of your favorite artisans / makers in the region? Who amongst your peers inspires your work?

I’m genuinely inspired by absolutely everything around me. Some of my favorite artists/makers in the area though are Ashley Johnson (AEJ.CREATE), Pamela Koons (Kitschy Cross Stitch) and Carrie Rinehart (Rusterior) are a few seriously inspiring local babes. 

How long have you been a business owner in WNY?

5 years.

How long have you been a part of Buffalo Women’s Gifts?

This will be my second year at Buffalo Women’s Gifts. 

Where can people see / purchase your work year-round? and 

Where else will you be representing your wares this holiday season?

I’ll be at: 

Queen City Market, Saturday Dec. 7

Foundry Makers Market (Ithaca), Dec. 8

WNYBAC Last Minute Panic Holiday Marketplace, Friday, Dec 13 and Saturday, Dec 14