Study Shows That 9 Out of 10 People Prefer Tacos to Dating: A Love Letter to Tacos

“I never have to worry about changing a taco. There are so many different types. It’s like they change for me without me asking. Or at least when I ask, they change,” said Tracy Coombs of Buffalo, NY.

What is romance other than getting exactly you want? With tacos, you can establish boundaries, queso or nah? I personally don’t understand people who loathe cilantro even with the science findings, but cilantro haters get to make the wrong decision and remove it if they please. And if you haven’t strolled on a moonlit beach with a taco in hand, do you even know what love is? 

Even during COVID times touching a taco is easier. You can’t touch your face, but you can touch your face with a taco. Which is trust and intimacy at its finest. Takeout still exists because we live in a world where tacos refuse to abandon you. 

Financially, even at its most inflated fusion price, it is the economical choice. I know you’ve been berated about budgeting and the financial hardships that your cafe coffee and avocado toast can bring into your life. But even that cost pales in comparison with what you would surely pay for birthday gifts, unnecessary holiday gifts (I’m looking at you, Sweetest Day), emotional support, and subsequently therapy. 

The only therapy I would need about tacos is how to stop eating them. And even when devoured, it is me devouring them and feeling a victorious satiated pain afterwards and never feeling an emptiness.