Qween of Cups | Episode 1

Qween City is proud to present the debut episode of the Qween Of Cups talk show, your one-stop shop for all things occult.  Join Afura and Ashera as they discuss the wheel of the year, mercury retrograde, and struggle to open champagne. 

Qween of Cups TV is an enchanting glimpse into the magickal lives of two witches of Qween City! We’re getting real about what it’s like to be a modern witch in today’s world, and answering your questions about how to balance magick and #adulting to live your life feeling magickal AF!

Hosted by Ashera and Afura from Qween City webzine, Ashera is a long time practitioner of the craft, and is Qween City’s resident relationship and family therapist. Her column Smash Talks is your hub for all things sex and relationships — Drop her an anonymous line with your questions about love and sex at QweenCity.com.

Afura, a photographer for QC, is an online witchy biz woman; founder of OddSoul Designs. She specializes in the art witch/biz witch lifestyle, providing custom-made witchcraft tools as well as mentorship services for working artists and intuitive entrepreneurs. Catch all our magickal musings and loving witch slaps here at the Qween of Cups.