REQUIRED LISTENING: Lady Driven Hardcore

With the recent orange rotten cheeto that has won the electoral vote being a complete and utter sexist/racist/fascist turd monster, I have made some changes in even the music I listen to. As a fan of hardcore, I am used to having dudes yell aggressive shit at me. After the Shitshow of 2016, I am over it. I have vowed to only listen to lady driven music, while still listening to that aggressive hardcore that I have been raised on since age 14. Here is a list and some info about those rad bands. OVARIES BEFORE BROVARIES.

Stuck Pigs

I love this band. They are out of Washington, DC and only played their first show in 2016. Fronted by Sarah Watson, they put on a great show at the last Mindset show in May 2016.

Iron Cages

Another D.C hardcore band. This is more thrashy and dirty than Stuck Pigs but I am into it. It reminds me of what 15-year-old Cam would have done if she was cool enough to have gotten off her ass and been in a band. Fronted by Laura Neuhauser.

Mortality Rate

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, this band rips. Still pretty crunchy but less thrashy than Iron Cages. I love this band. They played with Expire on their last shows if that is any indication for you on how they sound. Just check them out. You will be glad you did.


This band’s name stands for Girls Living Outside Society’s Shit….so, ’nuff said, right? Fronted by transwoman Sadie…it’s super sad they announced they were splitting up in September 2016, but still take a listen. Sadie considers Reach the Sky and Bane as her influences, which you don’t hear in the music but those are two of my favorite bands too so fuck it.

Okay, that’s it for right now… I could go on but honestly how many more times do you want to hear me say something “rips”? that’s what I thought. -CB