Kulture Korner!


In the wake of the Thing that Happened and the Things that are Yet to Come, your pal Shannon Dawn is your guide to self-care, American style!

Perhaps you’ve seen the take care of yourself memes. They come in varying degrees of preachiness. Some derive their authority from psychology, others are more ethereal. They have some common themes: resting, replenishing, respite from stressful thoughts.

What we could do and what we actually do, as you know, differ vastly. Here’s the Qween City take on self-care this week:


Me, Shannon Dawn: Hulu has been suggesting I watch Dancing with the Stars for a while now. Wednesday, I caved. I was eating Yuengling’s vanilla ice cream. It’s cold, white, and from Pennsylvania. Just like the privileged women in my home state who betrayed us and voted against our agency. Out of the carton, obviously.

I came for the swishy dresses but immediately committed to watching until a particular contestant gets eliminated. It’s a man who’s notorious for being obsessed with hallway width, Former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Each episode is over an hour, but I’m strangely afraid to leave the house all of a sudden, so I’m in it for the long haul! Man, some of those dresses sure are swishy.

Kristy Michelle: Getting ready to fire up Black Mirror Season 3 — no better time than now! In addition, I’m 2/3rds of the way through my first reading of The Handmaid’s Tale. Too creepily apropos to even be a lil funny. Just picked up a bag of mini Reeses and a bag of mini Snickers (mainly cuz I’m abstaining from the drink and cigs and a lil taste of sweet candy at the end of the day gets me through, but we can say it’s also for emotional support *chompchompchomp*).


Adrienne: Watching The IT Crowd and also staring at nothing. Cinnamon churros.

Ashera: Binging Arrested Development. Eating chocolate raspberry ice cream with Reeses chocolate shell.

Kaitlin: I checked out Stranger Things—it was mildly entertaining. I enjoyed wine and Dino nuggets with copious amounts of blue cheese and hot sauce. I hated myself so much I fell asleep and resurfaced many times throughout.


Mikayla: I restarted The Handmaid’s Tale this morning and I have a bag of mini Butterfingers and I am almost done with Black Mirror Season 3 (but I’m savoring it).

Tia: I’ve been watching a lot of Buffy. Every season the characters face an apocalypse so I just feel like they get me.

Oh and I’m eating Rocky Road. No. I’m not. Bacon cheeseburgers and dopeass elevated ramen.

[Note: Once I have consumed all the food in my pantry, I want Tia to show me how she elevates ramen.]

Now is a good time to be selective about your kulture, um, konsumption, my friends.  Cue up some goodness, for we all are going to have to come outside eventually in order to support one another.