Wanted: The Artisan Makers of Buffalo! If you’re running bizness in the 7-1-6, QC wants to highlight you and your work. Please shoot an email to bee@qweencity.com for more info.

How long have you been an artisan & business owner in Buffalo? Where can we find your work?

I have some pieces sold at some stores such as Burchfield Penney Arts Center and Thin Ice but I mainly sell at the art shows.  I have been working on pottery for more than 20 years.  I started attending shows about 15 years ago. I am pretty much based in the Greater Buffalo area.

Please describe your work / product; if applicable, please include your artist / personal statement or mission.

I have been a potter for more than two decades. I believe in carefully crafted pottery, which includes the design, beauty and functionality.  I create pottery which feels good to touch.  It’s important for people to feel my pottery.  I don’t believe in mass producing to sell.  I create what I love to present to my clients.  I incorporate nature theme, carving, and some techniques, such as doubling of the wall of the vases.  Every creation is always something new added to my favorites.

Junko can be reached at junkopottery@gmail.com